/17 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

17 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

Posted 16 minutes ago

I’m done with the Grindr guy asking to use someone’s printer.

Gay Twitter is arguably the best part of Twitter. And honestly, we’re all in need of some laughs right now, so enjoy the best gay tweets of the week:


gay men would have you believe pop music has been “saved” once a week for the last 4 years

03:48 AM – 22 May 2020


I used to write “happy birthday” instead of “happy birthday!!” to people on Facebook cause I thought the exclamation points gave away that I was gay

12:41 AM – 20 May 2020


Growing up gay and closeted means having to pick dare any time you played Truth or Dare

03:38 PM – 19 May 2020


Thinking about how I’m too scared to ask for things I need in my life and how I should be more like the guy on Grindr who asked if he could come over and use my printer.

11:50 PM – 23 May 2020


Gay culture is singing “This boy is a bottom” every time you hear “Girl on Fire.”

02:22 AM – 26 May 2020


guy on grindr: “you sure you don’t wanna come over to my place?”
the place in question:

05:36 AM – 20 May 2020


scenario: it’s 2022. I let my grindr hookup in the door. I immediately recline on my hotdog couch https://t.co/GwpgikiBD2

03:37 PM – 19 May 2020

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