/Live updates as Emiliano Salas body is formally identified and footballer confirmed dead – WalesOnline

Live updates as Emiliano Salas body is formally identified and footballer confirmed dead – WalesOnline

The body recovered from the plane wreckage in the English Channel has been confirmed to be Emiliano Sala.

Dorset Police issued a statement late on Thursday night.

“The families of Mr Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson have been updated with this news and will continue to be supported by specially-trained family liaison officers. Our thoughts remain with them at this difficult time,” it read.

“HM Coroner will continue to investigate the circumstances of this death supported by Dorset Police.

“On Monday 21 January 2019 a plane carrying both men was flying from Nantes to Cardiff when it lost contact with Air Traffic Control, north of Guernsey.

“Sadly a search and rescue operation was unsuccessful in locating the plane and the two occupants. Subsequently AAIB and privately funded search teams were deployed to the relevant area. Using specialist equipment the teams succeeded in locating and identifying the plane and recovering Mr Sala’s body.”

Geo Ocean III – the vessel used by investigators in the recovery mission – docked at Portland, Dorset, on Thursday morning, when the body was brought ashore.

The body was passed into the care of the Coroner of Dorset.

The UK Air Accident Investigation Branch confirmed on Wednesday that they had successfully recovered the body from the plane wreckage in “challenging conditions”, while the operation to recover the aircraft was aborted.

A statement read: “Unfortunately, attempts to recover the aircraft wreckage were unsuccessful before poor weather conditions forced us to return the ROV to the ship.  The weather forecast is poor for the foreseeable future and so the difficult decision was taken to bring the overall operation to a close.

“Although it was not possible to recover the aircraft, the extensive video record captured by the ROV is expected to provide valuable evidence for our safety investigation. 

“We expect our next update to be an interim report, which we intend to publish within one month of the accident occurring.”

The Geo Ocean III specialist search vessel docked in Portland


The operation to attempt to recover the body inside the wreckage of the plane began on Tuesday.

A body was found amid the wreckage of the plane after an underwater search of the seabed located the wreckage in the English Channel on Sunday.

It comes after two separate underwater searches were launched to find the plane on Sunday, one coordinated by the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch, and a privately funded search directed by marine scientist Mearns, on behalf of the Sala family.

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