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Mozilla has recently done two rounds of layoffs (first and second), including some of the most talented people I’ve been lucky enough to befriend and work with.

Mozilla is full of people who are passionate, kind and smart — and all deserve an amazing new home. Mozilla Lifeboat helps connect all Mozillians (laid off or otherwise) with companies that want to hire them.

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A great place to find more people hiring and looking is the #mozillalifeboat hashtag on Twitter.

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What ReadMe does

ReadMe makes it easy to build beautiful, interactive developer hubs for any company that has an API.

What ReadMe is hiring for

We’re hiring for frontend engineers, backend engineers and an awesome developer-focused Product Marketer!

Alumni contact is Gregory Koberger

What DuckDuckGo does

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.

What DuckDuckGo is hiring for

Hiring designers and engineers

Alumni contact is Sean Martell

What MongoDB does

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. It’s also Open Source!

What MongoDB is hiring for

A bunch of engineering jobs

Alumni contact is Sheeri Kritzer Cabral

What Workday does

Cloud Enterprise Software

What Workday is hiring for

Java developers, distributed systems engineers

Alumni contact is Yan Or

What OneMedical does

Care whenever you need it, in person or in your PJs. Safe, same-day care — in our offices or over video. Most insurance accepted.

What OneMedical is hiring for

A number of engineering jobs are currently available

Alumni contact is Stuart Parmenter

What Github does

GitHub brings together the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software.

What Github is hiring for

A large number of both technical and non-technical roles

Alumni contact is Bryan Clark

What Facebook does

Gives people the power to build community and bring the world closer together through social media experiences.

What Facebook is hiring for

A whole range including technical (my team is looking for Rust engineers in particular!), product, community, … you name it.

Alumni contact is Karen Rudnitski

What Datadog does

Datadog is an observability platform for cloud-scale applications, providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools, services, logs, and more.

What Datadog is hiring for

A wide range of tech and non-tech roles.

Alumni contact is Daniel “phrawzty” Maher

What Canva does

At Canva we work to make a significant positive impact on society. Our mission is to democratise design and empower creation.

What Canva is hiring for

Frontend, backend, and infra engineers among others

Alumni contact is Xidorn Quan

What Postbox does

Postbox is beautiful and innovative email app built on the Mozilla platform.

What Postbox is hiring for

Desktop App Developers

Alumni contact is Sherman Dickman

What Tesla does

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla Energy works towards that goal by scaling residential + commercial solar, building battery storage systems ranging from homes to power plants in scale, and supporting the Tesla car experience with the wall charger and Supercharger network.

What Tesla is hiring for

software engineers across the entire stack (embedded systems, cloud services backend, web + mobile UI), technical program managers

Alumni contact is Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon]

What Element does

All-in-one secure chat app for teams, friends and organisations. Keeps conversations in your control, safe from data-mining and ads. Talk to everyone through the open global Matrix network, protected by proper end-to-end encryption.

What Element is hiring for

Senior web engineer, backend engineering manager, safety engineer, and more not yet listed on careers page

Alumni contact is J. Ryan Stinnett

What PartnerStack does

Series A startup in Toronto. We help companies form and develop relationships with their channel sales partners

What PartnerStack is hiring for

Infra devs, Python devs, JS devs, Product, Marketing

Alumni contact is Stuart Philp

What Kong does

Kong is the world’s most popular open source microservice API gateway. Use Kong to secure, manage and orchestrate microservice APIs.

What Kong is hiring for

We are currently hiring for full stack engineers, cloud engineers, Site Reliability engineers, front end engineers and UX designers.

Alumni contact is Philippe M. Chiasson

What Shopify does

Shopify is a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. Our platform and services that are engineered for reliability, while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere.

What Shopify is hiring for

We’re looking for folks to join across R&D (Engineering, Product, UX, Data), along with many open roles in other departments.

Alumni contact is Lawrence Mandel

What Twilio does

Cloud Communications Platform (including IoT and Wireless)

What Twilio is hiring for

Hiring company wide

Alumni contact is Zandr Milewski

What 1Password does

We’re a considerate, curious, and eclectic crew on a mission to make the Internet a safer place for everyone. 1Password remembers all your passwords for you and keeps your digital life secure and always available, safe behind the one password that only you know.

What 1Password is hiring for

From Rust devs to frontend web devs, we’re hiring. We’d especially love to talk to you if you specialize in WebAssembly.

Alumni contact is Michael Fey

What Amazon does

The mission of the Alexa Household Organization team is to use Alexa to help families stay organized and connected to each other, building daily habits and making life run a little more smoothly.

What Amazon is hiring for

Research Scientists, Product Managers, Software Development Engineers, Project Management (Technical)

Alumni contact is Jen Morrow (aka Boriss)

What Lacework does

Security for the cloud generation

What Lacework is hiring for

Engineering, Production Ops/Engineering/SRE, QA, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success

Alumni contact is mrz