/Show HN: Photo Realistic QR-Codes

Show HN: Photo Realistic QR-Codes


* @date 2020-08-12 12:28:35
* This is a disabled experimental service to allow URL shortening hosted on server.
if (0 && count($_GET) == 1 && strlen($k=key($_GET)) == 6) {
$fname = ‘data/’.$k.’.json’;
if (!file_exists($fname))
die(‘QR contents is no longer available’);
$json = json_decode(@file_get_contents($fname));

if (!empty($json->mime))
header(‘Content-type: ‘.$json->mime);
if (!empty($json->url))
header(‘Location: ‘.$json->url);

// open session



Photo realistic QR codes

Sources to this site can be found https://github.com/xyzzy/qrpicture. For questions info@qrpicture.com

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